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Well, my very first review to be exact! I was really excited about this. Since it was my first ever review, I decided to ask my friend and fellow food blogger arnoldfoodie to tag along. We went searching through Itaewon, but couldn’t really find anything we wanted because we were honestly not sure where everything was, but oh well! We walked down Noksapyeong and found this little place! Had the best outer decoration out of all the small little diners and we decided to check it out.

Outside the place, looks quite cozy doesn't it?

Going into the restaurant you’re hit with a little scent of Italy. Not too much, but much better than most places. Interior is quite fitting and inviting. When we finally decided to order, we were both pretty confused because the ordering system was a bit unorthodox, so we simply asked for a pepperoni pizza and a sprite. The total cost was about 15,000won, which is about 16ish dollars.

the menu, see if you get it. we couldn't.

If we’re talking about a homemade pizza, which we obviously are, 14 minutes is not bad at all. Although Arnold suggested that the service was not up to par, I couldn’t really say anything so I just dug in!

close up!

The first bite was quite nice, as it was a lot better than I had expected. You get the pepperoni oil on your fingertips, and get the mild heat as well. Arnold told me that the pepperoni tasted too “korean.” He meant that it wasn’t really Italian pepperoni. I thought it tasted quite nice! Korean pepperoni is MUCH more different. The cheese was actually really good, gooey, and of course, cheesy. The crust was made of ciabatta which made for a really crisp crust that was well complimented by the sweet tomato sauce and cheese.

we ordered simple pepperoni, looks good?

For about 15 dollars, the 12 slice pizza was surprisingly enough to make us both full! We probably could’ve had more but it was pretty satisfying none the less. Would I recommend this place? Sure, I would! I am not completely sure how the customer service is, but the food was pretty darn good. I’ll need to review other places and compare to Trevia.

The place was pretty packed, which is saying something! The diners looked happy and it seemed like they were enjoying their food.

them diners. we sat in the way back.

All in all, it was a really successful first restaurant review and I’m sure that me and Arnold will collaborate much more in the near future. Check this place out if you can, don’t think you’ll be disappointed.