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Just a word of advice to start off, don’t keep your expectations too high, it’ll make you real disappointed!
Why did I decide to check The Naked Grill this week? Well…I started seeing a bunch of teachers getting it at our school and thought, wow, this place must be good! I tried some of my friend’s fries and boy, were they good! I almost ate all of them, real addicting if I do say so myself. I was set with high hopes that The Naked Grill would be a hit and surpass my expectations…

First steps were filled with hope, I was ready for a great burger.

First impressions:

I could smell the grill, the caramelizing of onions, bacon, and the meat. Those kinds of smells is what makes me happy, would it satisfy?

Interior is pretty bad. The sides of the walls looked like my school gym.
The place was pretty well lit, which makes the lightbulb-ish lights really just useless…and they were ugly. The kitchenware they used was real ugly too, they could’ve picked something better.

they look worse in person.

Now to talk about the service. At first I thought it was really good, they came and gave menus along with water for us right after we came in. About 10 minutes after we’d ordered, things started to go downhill. When our food came out, they were talking over the FOOD. The dish was BETWEEN both the chef and waiter. Took a good 5 minutes before it finally came out, my friend Nicole pointed that out. Cheeseburgers have cheese right? Right. I think they follow a different belief here. The cheese on both my burger and Nicole’s steak&cheese were just…there. It was like eating layers of ingredients and did not work in the least.

cheese, MELT!

cheese. not melted.

Let’s talk about what really matters. The food.
The meat.
The meat itself was pretty good except that it just didn’t work with everything else. The cheese once again, was not melted and it felt like I was eating beef, and THEN the cheese. Not good. The bun and sandwich bread were good though, nice and crispy. A nice crunch going into a not-so-good burger is a big letdown.

I tried all three dishes: My bacon cheese, Arnold’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and Nicole’s “Steak&Cheese”

I can’t say which one was best, because none of them were really exceptional.
Bacon: The meat was quite good, except only when you had it SEPARATELY.
Steak: There was moments of intense spice, but it didn’t add the to flavor, just unnecessary gulps of water. Once again, the cheese wasn’t melted.
Buffalo: Chicken was so thin, you can’t really enjoy it like that. The mildy hot sauce helped a lot, so I think Arnold’s pick was best.

I think I’ve said enough about The Naked Grill, and I definitely would not recommend this place. If you really want to try this place, come starving or else you’ll be greatly disappointed.