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This is the restaurant my friend Arnold and I debated over. Both Trevia and Res2Go seemed to look pretty good, although he suggested that we go to Res2Go because he had tried it previously. You can find that review here, it was satisfactory, but it really didn’t surprise us in anyway. So, two weeks later we found ourselves in the same area with our good friend Steven. We decided to give Res2Go a chance, and boy, was it superb.

creative sign, no?

Right when we walked in, the cashier greeted us real happily, which was a plus for them. They seated us right away and gave us our menus & water. Right from the start I could tell the service was exceptional and was still anticipating how good the food would be. Arnold said with confidence that it’d knock our socks off. He was right. The music was quite nice because it wasn’t too loud, I could hear myself think unlike many other restaurants! The ambiance around the restaurant was really comforting, nothing felt out of the blue that made us uncomfortable. The interior was quite pretty as it matched with its other components, unlike the Naked Grill which had terrifying walls. I think I’ve rambled enough about the interior, let’s get onto the food, shall we?

simple menu, good stuff.

beef&chicken, amazing.

Arnold suggested the beef&chicken, so while Arnold and Steven ordered the chicken&pork, I got beef&chicken to try their’s. The food came out before we knew it, which made me happy. Once again,unlike the Naked Grill, the waitress here did not spend ten minutes talking to the chef with our food between them, she served them right away and the dishes were actually warm! Out of all the meat, chicken was the definite winner. It was just so good, with its chewy, juicy, smoky meat. Some of the chicken were charred to a crispy black, which really just added a whole new intensity of flavors. The crunchy skin combined with the sweet teriyaki sauce really made it for me. Steven and I kept saying “wow, this is amazing.” The beef was next. It was also charred all over which makes the meat just so much more juicy and mouth-watering. The pork came in last, not because it didn’t taste good but because the slices were too thin so you really couldn’t enjoy it as much as the other two. The sauce did not contaminate the meat to make it over salted, but we did have bottles of extra sauce to pour over whenever we pleased. The only tip I would give is that the salad was too bland, a little salt would’ve been lovely!I still finished my meal with a smile, enjoying each little bit of blackened chicken and beef. Simply put, it tasted like what teriyaki SHOULD taste like: smoky, chewy, sweet, tender, and covered with the best sauce. Did I mention their pickles were really yummy? They were spicy, crunchy, and sweet, really nothing else you could do to improve them.

The service was lovely as well, she served us with a great attitude and came round to see if we needed water. Arnold noticed that! I almost felt compelled to tip her!

To finish up, all three of us truly enjoyed our meals, they were extremely satisfactory. I still remember the potent smoky flavor of the meat, can’t wait to go again. I definitely advise that you try this place out, it’s totally worth the 10000WON and you won’t regret it at all, one of the best teriyaki places in Seoul. The bill came to 9900WON per person, about 10 dollars. The meal was TOTALLY worth it, and I’ll be happy to go again sometime soon.

I guess the third time really is the charm! Cheers.