Well, for starters…I am 17, born in California but I grew up mainly in Seoul, South Korea.

Me and another friend, arnold byun, are extremely committed to bringing you the best food reviews out there. We know we’re young, but that’s no excuse not to be successful and want to live out our dreams!

So to Arnold, let’s do this.

I’m a guy who loves his food, loves to cook, has a burning passion of being in the kitchen, and obviously, I LOVE to eat! Finding new types of food and cooking methods are my goals, as well as improving my palate for the near future.

I’m trying to get as many restaurant reviews in with all the school work I have!

You might ask “Where did your love of cooking come from?” It all started with a strawberry banana smoothie served with cross shaped ice cubes and served with a pink bendy straw on floral china. I was about 6 at the time, and that little drink has sparked the fire in my passion for anything relating to food/cooking.

Another HUGE factor I think is that my mother loved to cook. My dad blames his weight gain on her amazing cooking! She passed away from brain cancer when I was 4, and from then on I was a huge advocate for raising money to someday cure cancer. She really motivates me even if she’s not here, and I can tell her love of cooking was passed onto me.

(A few simple edits were made, nothing special)


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